Most veterinary hospitals have their own radiology equipment and are able to obtain radiographs (x-rays) on their patients. Since we specialize in radiology and diagnostic imaging, we typically are asked to interpret the radiographs you have taken and provide a diagnostic report. If you have radiographs that need radiology review and are film-based, then they must be either mailed or hand delivered to either our office in Shelburne or to Peak Veterinary Referral Center. If your radiographs need review and are digital, then the images can be burned on a CD and sent to us or transmitted via the internet (see Teleradiology).
• Please send us a referral request for any radiographs that you need us to review. Also, please send any recent blood work results for the patient and a recent patient history.
• If we are taking radiographs of your patient, we ask you to inform your clients to not feed them the morning of the study unless medically contraindicated (i.e. diabetics, etc.).
• If radiographs have previously been obtained on a patient and we are taking new radiographs, please send the prior radiographs with your client to the appointment.
1. Where can I send or drop off film-based radiographs that I would like to have reviewed by a radiologist? Film-based radiographs and digital studies on CDs (DICOM images) can be sent to our Shelburne office. We do have a drop box located at our Shelburne office. Please make sure to always include a completed referral form, recent blood work results, and a recent patient history with any radiographic studies that you wish to be reviewed.

2. Do you bill the client or the clinic for radiographic reviews? The clinic will be invoiced directly for the cases that they wish to have reviewed by our radiologists.

3. If I do not have radiographic equipment and you take radiographs of my patient, will I get a copy of the radiographs for my review? Yes. We will make sure to copy the radiographic study on a CD and ask that your client bring the CD to your practice for your review. We will also call to inform you of our interpretation of the radiographic study and send you a complete report.