Lynks Group is here to help. We want to be a vital tool for your practice, offering imaging services that quickly link you with a radiologist, give you access to advanced imaging modalities, boost confidence in your diagnoses, and ultimately improve the care you provide your patients and their owners.

As veterinarians, we’re fascinated by problem solving, which is what led us to be radiology specialists in the first place. We’ll get you answers quickly and efficiently, thereby quickening your diagnostic progression. And we’re accessible whenever you have a question or want to talk over a diagnosis – just call.

We take a collaborative approach to our specialty imaging consulting. When you refer [ see Referral Instructions ] a patient, they’ll be met by our caring techs, and the pet owner/guardian will be treated with respect and empathy. Once the procedure is complete, we’ll contact you immediately with the results, and together we’ll develop a plan of action for your patient’s care.

We understand that the only thing more important than the care of your patients is the relationship and trust that you have earned with their owners. We place an emphasis on providing high-quality care for your patient while they are under our roof, but we also realize that your clients are on unfamiliar territory when visiting a specialty referral hospital. We strive to make your clients feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire experience.