Lynks Group is not a regular veterinary practice. We’re specialists in veterinary radiology and provide ultrasound, radiography (x-ray), MRI scans, and PennHIP expertise to our patients and their owners, on behalf of your regular veterinarian.

We understand a pet’s illness can sometimes be a stressful time for pet owners/guardians, but you should know that we strive to provide a calming, quiet environment for your pet during our imaging studies. For example, our ultrasound studies are non-painful and most pets cooperate by lying quietly on the table. Once the examination is complete, we immediately review our findings with your regular veterinarian. We then sit down with you to go over the findings, explain clearly what everything means, and then develop a plan to help you and your pet.

Before your appointment, please take a moment to review the corresponding section of this Website (Ultrasound, Radiography, CT & MRI Scans or PennHIP) for a pre-procedure checklist and frequently asked questions, including information about our fees. And if you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.